Here at The Landing MN, Inc., we are always excited for you to #helpushelpothers.

Our organization strives to create opportunities for our community to become involved and serve those facing homelessness. From our bi-weekly Saturday Supper to many other outreach events coming soon, we hope you join us to provide a soft place to land for those in need.

To see our upcoming events, click here. If you’re interested in volunteer opportunities outside of the scope of our events, please complete our contact form here.

Want to learn more about our recurring events? Take a look below at what they’re all about.

Saturday Supper

Saturday Supper Image.png

Each weekend, the Salvation Army - an organization that provides meals to those facing homelessness throughout the week – is closed. So, The Landing MN, Inc. works to fill in the gap and provide a meal twice a month through our Saturday Supper outreach event. Join us every other Saturday evening to distribute supper, snacks, shoes, and other items to our friends in need. Once a month, we will also offer additional services such as haircuts. Our distribution time serves not only as an outreach opportunity, but is also a great time to connect with the individuals we serve and hear their stories. Click here to see when our next Saturday Supper is scheduled!

Sponsor a Saturday Supper

Check out our newest addition to our Saturday Supper event - become a Saturday Supper Sponsor! Grab a group of friends, co-workers, bible study group, or whoever wants to give back to the community and help provide a meal for those in need. By sponsoring a Saturday Supper event, your group will purchase, prepare, and serve the meal at a Saturday Supper, and get to meet the amazing community we have the opportunity to serve.

Are you interested in sponsoring a Saturday Supper? Click here to send us a message and receive our Saturday Supper Sponsor Guide!

Wash It Wednesday

Coming soon!

Oftentimes, you hear about others perceptions of those facing homelessness – they find them dirty, grimy, filthy. Take a moment and think… how would you feel if strangers took one look at you and summed you up with those words simply based on your appearance? Many of these individuals don’t desire to appear this way, but have little to no choice when they cannot afford to do their laundry on a frequent basis.

This is where we come in. The Landing MN, Inc. provides an opportunity for our friends facing homelessness to join us at a local laundromat every other Wednesday where they will be able to wash their clothing and bedding, and connect with our team so we can best support them and their needs.

Interested in helping? Reach out to us here to learn more about volunteer opportunities for Wash It Wednesday.

Kids + Quarters 

Coming soon!

Have a kiddo who wants to give back? Check out our Kids + Quarters initiative! We are encouraging kids of all ages to collect quarters to help those facing homelessness wash their clothing. All quarters collected will go toward Wash It Wednesday costs and materials, so they will know exactly where their hard work is making an impact.

Copy of KIDS + QUARTERS.png

We want to encourage the kids to earn their quarters rather than just collecting them, empowering them through hard work to help others. Some fun ways for them to earn quarters include:

  • Complete chores as directed by guardian

  • Earn a quarter each day they complete a task (make bed, clean toys, read 30 minutes)

  • Lemonade stand

  • Bake Sale

  • Help an elderly neighbor with a task

  • Help make dinner

  • Sell a craft – one group of Landing kiddos sold painted rocks!

Each month, the child who collects the most quarters for the Kids + Quarters initiative will earn a 2-hour pass to Air Insanity!