Our Story


In 2017, The Landing MN, Inc. started as just a dream. The concept came as an idea to co-founder Holly Fifield as she had a conversation with a friend, where they discussed the need for a retreat for those suffering and in need of spiritual and mental healing. This was the conversation that set the groundwork for what The Landing MN, Inc. would come to be.

That same night, co-founder Dan Fifield had a dream about a place called ‘The Landing’, a cabin on a lake that served as a place for retreats to help those in any place of need. Little did they know, The Landing would grow to be much more.

Throughout the next year, The Landing MN sat dormant as just a dream, as the timing didn’t present itself to bring this dream to fruition. Then, in November 2018, a series of events occurred that turned the tables and put the wheels in motion. The sheet was pulled back on the extensive homeless community in Dan and Holly’s hometown, and they were exposed to the vast reality of the in-need population surrounding them. They realized how much their community desperately needed a place for those who are suffering – not just homeless individuals, but anyone in any place of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual distress.

That brings us to now. The Landing MN has been brought to fruition, as we begin to grow this organization into an entity capable of helping anyone who arrives at their door. Our vision is to build an organization that is a landing place for those in need, to seek resources to help individuals reach a point of security and stability in their lives. We want to have boots on the ground in our community, seeking out those who need a helping hand.

As we grow, we hope to have you by our side to aid those in need in our community. Thank you for your support, and welcome to The Landing MN!