Is The Landing MN, Inc. a non-profit organization?

Yes, The Landing MN, Inc. received official 501(c)(3) status in January 2019.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, any donations made to The Landing MN, Inc. are considered a charitable donation and may be deducted as allowable by federal tax laws.

Where is The Landing MN, Inc. based?

We are located in Rochester, Minnesota and currently work to serve the local Rochester population facing homelessness.

Who does The Landing MN, Inc. serve?

We are an organization striving to help any individual in need, be it from financial struggles, homelessness, mental illness, and many other obstacles they may face.

How can I get involved with The Landing MN, Inc.?

We are always looking for volunteers, be it to serve at events or to provide professional services to our in-need community! If you are interested in volunteering, please complete our contact form here.

I want to help. but don’t know how.

Take a look at our Volunteer page to be kept in the loop of all upcoming opportunities, as well as options to volunteer if you aren’t local to Rochester, MN.

What items does your organization need?

We have numerous needs, from general to urgent and event-specific. To see our current needs, take a look at our Amazon Wish Lists here, or our list of needs here. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy the item through Amazon! This just allows a convenient option for those who do wish to purchase an item and have it shipped directly to The Landing MN.

How many individuals are facing homelessness in Rochester, Minnesota?

There is an estimated 400 individuals at any given time who are homeless within the Rochester metro area; this statistic accounts for both those living on the streets, as well as the unseen individuals who do not have a fixed address, couch surf, etc. While 400 is the estimate, there are many more that go unaccounted for.

How does The Landing MN, Inc. help in-need individuals?

We help in so many ways! The main ways include assisting with appointments, medical care, housing, and helping seek resources and fulfill individual needs. Check out our Services page to learn more about the ways we assist. Additionally, we help those in need through our numerous outreach events, fundraisers, and more. If you are interested in joining in to #helpushelpothers, take a look at our volunteer opportunities and our Events page for upcoming dates.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to see even more ways we are help and are active within the community!